Reginald T. Moneysworth is gracious enough to allow select audiences to witness his greatness in select cities- cities worthy of his appearance.

See if your city deserves this miracle of a man bestowed upon it, and purchase your tickets immediately. Your life will be changed forever.

Gentlemen be warned:

Women have been known to swoon in the company of

Mr. Moneysworth.


Without my wife and kids involved in this project and my insane friends supporting me, I don’t think we could have made it this far.  Finding volunteers for testing is a pretty easy task, maybe everyone just wants free booze. Along the way I’ve got some great advice, met some awesome people, (I learned a ton from this guy named Steve at Beau’s All Natural Brewing Company), and have enjoyed the journey.

- Jeremy Coulis (CFG)

  Agile Fat Guy Spirits

Reginald T. Moneysworth is- of great and noble heritage,  has traveled the world at the request of kings and gentlemen to discuss the world of business. Mr. Moneysworth is gracious to share his knowledge with our readers in this forum.


Every day some poor sod comes to me, hat in hand, saying "oh Mr.Moneysworth, I never thought anything could top your incredible wealth, but if I may say, you have the looks of a Greek God." To which, I can only reply, "No you may not say, and please let me finish eating my soup in peace!"

There are other times when I do not mind conversing with those in my company. I have wined and dined with kings and queens! One such captivating individual to you, dear reader (though altogether common, in this gentleman's opinion) would be the Chief Fat Guy of Agile Fat Guy Spirits, Jeremy Coulis. A not offsetting individual, Mr. Coulis appeared both standing, and of non threatening odor.


I began my conversation by asking about the name, "Agile Fat Guy". Mr. Coulis' response was by definition a response. "Agile Fat Guy is not a name created just to sell vodka, it is actually me. The nickname comes from my time racing sailboats, something I enjoy very much.  Sailing requires agility, and I’m not the skinniest guy on the boat, and somewhere sailing I crashed or banged or something, I don’t even remember now, someone called me 'Agile Fat Guy' and the name stuck."


Knowing nothing bad could ever come of a sailor, I allowed Mr. Coulis to continue speaking (with the warning boredom would not be tolerated). "After some research I decided the craft brewery market was getting full, and turned to the newest craft industry in Canada." Mr. Coulis enthusiastically found his voice as he expounded on his narrative. This writer, however, began to remember a rather sweet autumn afternoon in Peru, and most of it was lost.

My rather volatile and perpetually angry assistant, whom I am quite frankly terrified of, gave me his notes which read:

- went back to college to take a business/entrepreneurship program to help make venture successful.

- plan has always been the same: own a craft distillery in Cobourg within        a stagger of home

- along the way there -road blocks, detours, curves, and the odd speed wobble

- scheme: take fun and funky ideas from craft beer world and apply to craft spirits.

- Values: never sacrifice quality

                have fun putting premium spirits in a bottle

- cool logos and wicked names on it.

- gasoline

- matches

- rope


By my God, that last part scares me.

Wait. I think I hear my lunatic assistant coming. Should this be the last thing anyone reads from me, I am grateful in the knowledge I have stood upon this world at the same time as the greatest individual ever conceived of man and woman: myself.

the journey to become a gentleman in the world of spirits



Please enjoy Agile Fat Guy Spirits responsibly

copyright 2016