Although we try to put some fun and excitement into our products, our ingredients are something we take very seriously.  We spend the extra time and cost to find quality 100% Ontario products to create spirits that we are proud offer our customers. If you notice all are bottles are clear, so you can see what your getting.  At AFG we have nothing to hid, if you want to know where something we use is from, just ask, we are happy to tell you.

Our vodka starts its ride using quality Ontario grown corn, distilled multiple times to make it over 95% pure alcohol, any pure and we would have to break some science laws and we really are not that smart.  Don’t worry about the 5%, we carbon paper filter to remove any remaining nasty stuff, but leaving a touch of corn flavour to make it ours.

After that we just add some clean, filtered water to get it down to 40% and put it in a bottle for you to enjoy.  And don’t forget, The Kernel is also gluten free.

To make a great Gin, you have to start with great vodka, and that’s why we use “The Kernel” to lead our gin army.  Using only Ontario botanicals to create our unique flavour took some time, but we nailed it.  Sourced from the wilds of Ontario, our ingredients include Labrador tea, alder, wintergreen, and sweet gale.  Based on a traditional gin, ours is strong on the juniper, but hints of mint and pepper follow to create a refreshing drink.  And like “The Kernel”, the “Double Chin” is also gluten free.



Please enjoy Agile Fat Guy Spirits responsibly

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