Throughout recorded history, there have been great individuals who have provided essential services to the betterment of those around them. These noble, and brave persons faced incredible risk, sacrifice, and the missing out of such incredible events as Madame Toumei's Fall Formal, or the Horse and Oxen Stare-Down. Why do they forfeit so greatly, for so little gain? Because these self-less people believe in creating something well, taking pride in their achievement, and sharing their success with others. Sometimes, it is because they are forced to do it, like the mysterious tunnel under 15th Ave which constables of the local constabulary discovered last year. Most of the time, however, it is because of all of the aforementioned.

Agile Fat Guy Spirits believes passionately in creating, with great care and detail, and sharing the result. As a craft distiller based in Cobourg, ON, Agile Fat Guy Spirits is willing to take chances, give up greatly, and miss out on opportunities to view "Lady Clarice and Her Golden Girdle" appearing at The Flescott Theatre.


Traversing the canyon of government regulations is challenging Agile Fat Guy Spirits has chosen to outsource their production to another distiller in Ontario while work done to get a facility up and running.


This doesn’t mean its not Agile Fat Guy Spirits- everything is made to exact specifications and standards, and allows Agile Fat Guy to get their great vodka and gin to you, the customer.

If we can’t make a premium spirit with local produce, then we won’t make it.



Please enjoy Agile Fat Guy Spirits responsibly

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